– Infused with potent distillate and premium flavors –
Strawnana Doinks Cannabis Blunt

Your favorite smoothie just became your favorite smoke. Sip slowly, and let the luscious clouds of banana linger as your mind wanders to strawberry fields.

Blue Berry Doinks Cannabis Blunt

Immerse your tastebuds with this fresh juicy blueberry flavor and a hint of spice that will leave you in a violet haze.

Green Apple Doinks Cannabis Blunt

Crisp, bright & tart you will want to share this blunt with everyone and your Granny! Sharp and sweet, this balanced fruity flavor will have you daydreaming under a shady apple tree.

Lime Sorbet Doinks Cannabis Blunt

A spectacular combination of sweet and sour, this limey dessert is a mouthwatering delight.

Rocket Pop Doinks Cannabis Blunt

A blast of cherry, lime, and blue raspberry will launch you into the stratosphere of delight and wonder. Let the countdown begin!

Wild Melon Doinks Cannabis Blunt

This sweet and citrusy melon flavor with hints of floral is sure to lead you into a cloudy haze…aka cloud 9.

Juicy Grape Cannabis Blunt

This flavorful creation is sure to transport you to a vineyard of relaxation and bliss with every puff. Elevate your smoking experience with the perfect balance of fruity goodness and cannabis magic. 





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